What Is the Best Facebook Advertising Strategy?

Facebook advertising is a great way to get targeted traffic. As a matter of fact there is no other online advertising medium that can boast about such targeting tools.

Let us see the features of Facebook Advertising and how to create a good Facebook advertising strategy.

Important Steps for devising a good Facebook Advertising Strategy

  1. A good Facebook advertising strategy will consist of three steps. The first step is designing a good ad, you need to give the url (make sure you have a good squeeze page of a page that is well designed to convert a lead). Facebook by itself will pull the meta tag of the page and will make it as the description of you ad. However avoid doing this and type in a good description which will prompt the user to click your ad and visit the webpage.
  2. Next is putting up an image, many internet marketers will prompt you to use an image of an attractive man or women, but that is not be very effective, as you know people are becoming ad blind. The subconscious of the user identifies an ad and naturally will avoid it, so going by conventional image of a good looking man or woman is not advisable, so go for an image that is more realistic and will make the guys look out for it. This as a Facebook advertising strategy has worked very well for most of my clients.
  3. The third step is targeting the marketing that you want to address. The best part is unlike other advertising option, Facebook can laser target the audience, as Facebook has every detail of the users like age, gender, demography and geographical locations, you can perfectly target the right audience, There is no point is selecting everyone when you are selling a video game, there is no way a 50 year old is going to play a kid’s video game. Likewise you can target locations, if you are selling a physical product meant for housewives only in Boston, you can target just the housewises of Boston alone rather than spending money on getting traffic that is no way relevant to you.
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People keep saying that traffic is all you need for online business, however the fact is the targeted traffic is more important that just any kind of traffic. Make sure you design your title and image well so as to get a good click through rate, as it can considerably decrease your total spend per click.