Can I file Bankruptcy On Payday Loans?

This is a question we get all the time: “Can I file bankruptcy on payday loans?” and the short question is yes, but the real question is should I file bankruptcy on payday loans.

That second question is no most of the time.

When these companies put on the heat in their collection efforts they can really rattle the strongest of nerves, and make a person really feel desperate which is exactly how they want you to feel.

Before you go and sell the farm lets take a look at the options you may have to get out from under this debt the easiest way possible.

Should you file?

This is the first question to find the answer to.

If all you are dealing with is payday loan debt then the answer is an easy no.

Even though you may feel trapped into a corner with nowhere to turn, there is help available. Why completely mess up your credit with a bankruptcy when you can fix this with a little nit of smart thinking?

Regardless of what you have heard these things are hard to come back from and usually take a good 10 years to really recover your credit rating and establish a good credit history.

Rather than going that route how about contacting a payday consolidation conpany?

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Payday loan consolidation companies

Help With Payday Loan Debt is one of these Joker Slot companies, and we can and do help many people with their backs to the wall out if this mess and it ends up being a very good arrangement for the borrower.

What we do is take over your loan and contact the loan company to start the process of a new payment arrangement which will include:

Stop the interest and many times reduce the amount of interest owed

Stop any legal action

Stop the phone calls to employers, references and the borrower

Negotiate a low bi weekly or monthly repayment plan.

It is that easy to stop the wolves from trying to eat the borrowers and at the same time free up some room on paydays for important things like food and gas and such.


After you get your payday loan debt all cleared up and you no longer have to worry about the whole mess of legal action, you will start to feel pretty good.

Do not go out and get another payday loan!

Never again do business with these sharks! There are better ways to get out of financial trouble than resorting to short term high interest loans!

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