Google Ads Keyword Tool and PPC

Google Ads Keyword Tool and PPC

If you ask any successful online marketer they will invariably tell you about the benefits they derived from Google Ads Keyword Tool. This tool is ultimately responsible for many of their successful campaigns. There is a lot of misconception that this tool is useful only to run Google Ads campaign, however that is not the truth. Google Ads Keyword Tool can be used for lot of other SEO activities and this tool really has made many online millionaires than any other tool.

Uses of Google Ads Keyword Tool

Especially Niche marketing rely heavily on this tool. This keyword tool also plays a significant role in the selection of domain names for niche marketing for good SEO. Google Ads is quite popular in the internet marketing circles for targeted keyword research. Internet Marketers use this tool to find out the keywords that are searched by the users and target those words for their ad campaign.

Google Search Engine has an extensive database of the searches that people are making in their search engine. Google Ads Keyword Tool will have access to this information, so if you are getting in to internet marketing this information will be of great use to you. Assume that you are planning to sell bird cages, then what are all the information that you will need?

  • How many people are looking for information about bird cages per month?
  • Geographical Location of these people.
  • Competition among the sellers of bird cage.

These three are the primary information that you will need, Google Ads keyword tool will give you these information and in addition to this it will tell all the related search terms the people use to search about your keyword, and the advertisement rates for your keyword.

This is all you need as an internet marketer. These days all the successful internet marketing campaigns are typically started by researching with the Google Ads Keyword Tool.

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Tool

Once you have the above information then you can bid on phrases or keywords that a consumer would likely use when looking for a specific product. The next step would be to design your ads, and set a rate that you are willing to pay Google for displaying your ads. Your purchased ads will appear above the search results in Google or to the right of the search results. Every time a consumer clicks on your ad, you pay Google.

There are different ways of harnessing the power of this tool. Google Ads Keyword Tool can be used for split testing. Once you use the tool you will know the commonly used search terms by the users, so you can create 2 or more landing pages based on the search terms. So different search terms should have a different landing page, and based on the conversion you can find out the best performing landing pages and spend more money on it for more profits.

Choosing to spend on Google Ads carries some risk. Your conversion rates will determine whether your campaign is successful or not. You can drive traffic, but if there is very little conversion, then you entire campaign will run in to losses. So Google Ads alone is not sufficient for being successful. You need a good product/offer and you should have good landing pages which are convincing. But once you have those, then by proper incorporation of the Keyword Tool into your AdWords campaign will definitely give you amazing returns.

Google Ads Keyword Tool is 100% Free. So even if you are not running Google Ads campaign, you can very well use it for niche research and in domain judi slot selection. There are many SEO tools which harness the power of Google Ads Keyword Tool. Like Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, seomoz, spyful and so on. Among these tools based on our research the best tool that offers value for money is Micro Niche Finder, they also offer a USB togo, which you can use in any Computer/Laptop.

You might often wonder what is going wrong with your website. You may have a well-designed website that looks good and has very good information, yet you might not get the traffic it deserves, chances are you neglected proper keyword research. Your web pages might be lacking the right keyword density. Proper On site SEO and proper keyword research can change increase the popularity of your website.

Harness the power of the free Google Ads Keyword Tool and achieve the desired results.