Google Ads Keyword Tool and PPC

Bidding can be a bit challenging in Google Ads especially if the product that you are trying to promote involves a lot of competition so here are a few bidding techniques to guide you. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions but I am pretty sure you will learn a lot from them:

  1. Google, via Google Editor, gives you the ability to select as many keywords as you want simultaneously and at the same time have the power to amend their bids in one swoop. This mass bid function is so advantageous to people who are managing more than one account because it gives them the ability to see and download your campaign information and relevant statistics and the Advanced Search button helps you funnel out the keywords you want to amend.
  2. If you have been bidding for quite some time now, you may have already noticed some discernible patterns in the behavior of your market like for instance you already know historically that at a specific period of the year, your sales and inquiries skyrocket compared to the other months when conversions are lean. One great bidding technique would be to increase or decrease your bids not only by exact values but also by percentages which means that at the time when you know you will be reaching your peak, you can boost your bid to maximize your chances on conversion.
  3. More on the keyword filtering aspect of Google Ads, you can specifically remove the costly non-performing keywords entirely from your campaign and leave the cheaper converting ones. The best way to do this is consistently make experiments on what keyword combination works by matching each of them with each other and using the Analytics Tool to see if the match works.
  4. If you have not heard of First Page Estimates, you may be interested in studying that a bit further because first off, there is huge room to move in there that can greatly help increase the exposure of your low position keywords, however you really need to master its complex nature first. The feature is amazingly great and you would find it in your best interest to make the most out of this feature but you must recognize them as estimates, not accurate data and always consider them as indicators, not something that you can entirely hinge your keyword bid decisions on.
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There is no denying it, the Google Ads tool will save you a great deal of time optimizing and making sure that your online campaign looks great and at the same time, it provides amazing features on the upkeep and tracking of your current campaign helping you steer to the right direction whenever necessary.