Paying off Payday Loans With Tax Refund?

Are you planning on paying off payday loans with your tax refund?

Studies show that many people with out of control payday loan debt at tax refund time race right out and dump their whole tax refund on their payday loan debt.

This rarely works and many times actually makes the problem worse.

The entire loan balance usually does not get retired and within weeks the customer is right back where they where before they blew their whole tax return.

After all the good intentions and your whole tax return there you sit one month later with a larger balance than before you tried to pay it down!

We have a much better way of taking care of this!

Our Way

We here at Help With Payday Loan Debt have a different approach to helping people out of these situations, and we do not do it with what we call lump sum dumps.

This rarely works because the payday loans never get completely paid off and the interest has not been stopped so it just grows right back up where it was and gets bigger by the day.

We would rather have the customer contact us and let our negotiators work out a repayment plan for you for a one time fee.

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The negotiators can usually work out an agreement with the loan companies to stop all collection action, stop all legal action, stop all interest, and set up allow affordable bi weekly or monthly repayment plan.

Within 18 months most payday loan debt is eliminated and piece of mind is completely restored, and you get to keep most of your tax refund and you get breathing room on paydays.

Our one time fee is extremely modest in return for taking over your loans and treating them like they are our own, and making all your payments on behalf of you.

We believe everyone deserves help getting out of the payday loan traps that these companies so slyly set to trap unsuspecting customers, and we do our best in getting our clients the best deal possible.

Do I qualify?

Everybody qualifies, and we do not turn away anyone.

Multiple family households, singles, mothers, fathers, students, brothers, sisters, we take all of you and get you out from under these loans, and we are happy to work with all of you!

We figure everyone that needs help deserves it, and we will be glad to help you.

The best part about this time of the year is many people are getting tax returns soon, and for a one time payment they will have all of this debt under control and many will still have money left over for other important things like food, etc

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How Do I Start?

Getting started is easy and fast.

All you need to do is fill out our no obligation form or call us toll free at 1.877.280.5100 and we will give you a free quote along with explaining everything we can offer and how to proceed if you are interested.

We aim to offer help to every single person we can in this situation and until these loan companies stop trapping people and taking advantage of them we will be here to help them fight back!


Finding a solution for out of control payday loan debt is really just a click away, and after all of the horrible nights of worry give yourself a break and take advantage of this kind of help.

We learn from the past and we at Help With Payday Loan De3bt have page after page posted here at our website with information from your states payday loan laws to how to avoid payday loan traps, and much much more good readfng on these and many more topics.

We not only believe in helping the customer back on their feet, we believe in keeping them there.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, if you need help we are only a click away!

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