Personalised Services: Profitable Marketing Strategy

The business field is highly competitive and entrepreneurs that wish to make it will have to struggle and think of innovative strategies to gain and maintain a leading position. Marketing has certainly turned into an essential tool, used by entrepreneurs activating in all sorts of fields and markets. However, out of the many strategies it proposes, one in particular seems to have given amazing results.

Offering your clients personalised services is a strategy that works perfectly. What is even better about it is that any entrepreneur, no matter the field of operations, budget or type of company can apply it. Take for instance the following situation. Assuming that you own an online store selling clothes for children. Your marketing budget is rather limited, so you need an effective idea. Small and colourful ribbons are your answer. Here is how you apply the previously mentioned marketing strategy.

Personalised tags

When preparing the package for the client, attach a personalised ribbon to the product. For example, if it is an outfit for a new-born boy, then you could attach one of those sweet looking ‘it’s a boy’ ribbon. This will send the correct message to the client. You are concerned with their order and you are 100% involved in the collaboration, ready to make all sorts of small investments just to make sure that the order complies perfectly with the needs and requests of the client. Small details such as this one make the biggest difference.

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Wrapping the package differently

This is one area in which you could let your imagination run wild. Instead of wrapping the product in the traditional, regular manner, that often sends absolutely no message, you could do something completely different, something personalised. Invest in bows and boxes in suitable colours for both girls and boys. Depending on the order, you choose the right box and the right ribbon. This will be elegantly tied around the box offering the order a completely new and personalised appearance, one that will most likely be highly appreciated by the clients.

Small ‘thank’ you cards

This is definitely the simplest way to make a great impression. Before sending the package to the client, you could add a small ‘thank you’ card, wrapped with a lovely ribbon. Ideally speaking, you, the owner of a company, should sign the card. This way it will gain a greater personality.

Personalising your services is definitely one way of gaining a larger number of clients and you could finally build a strong and positive reputation, which in the end, is the engine that will bring you profit.