Facebook Pros and Cons – The Benefits of Facebook Versus Its Downsides in Advertising

In a recent study it was revealed that 80% of Google Ads revenue comes from the top 1.4% of advertisers. This implies that the major revenue for Google comes from a few big corporate sponsors. Google was in fact built by the small-timers and middle scale marketers. So today it is getting harder and harder to market in Google because of the giant cometition in the bidding war, and even the traffic that is generated is through the clicks of people who are uninterested and clicked on invalidly. In fact, it is averaged that 20% of PPC costs are from invalid/fraudulent clicks.

Facebook Ads – The Pros

It is laser targeted, Facebook allows us to create the kind of profile that we need to target to get the best results. This is called people targeting. By advertising through Facebook we can reach a more targeted audience. You can alter your ads in order to appeal to specific demographics, instead of having one ad that can be viewed by everyone (this can be done with Google as well). The one thing in which Facebook advertising is ahead of Google is targeting of demographics like age and gender, there is no way Google can do that. Because you cannot sell lipsticks to men. The other advantage is advertising with Facebook is relatively very cheap at the moment. It’s advertising platform is very strict with ads to keep the website social and friendly to users. That means NO big time spam ads. This is a BIG discouragement to many businesses, which is what makes it better for YOU, the smart advertiser.

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Facebook Ads – The Cons

There is a problem with Facebook, in that people don’t go there to shop, they go to there to… well hang out. This does not mean that you cannot successfully market to them, but rather, you must learn new marketing techniques useful for capturing the attention of Facebook users. By doing so, Facebook advertising can be extremely profitable for you. So you should not use the same advertising strategy that you used with Google and we need a different strategy altogether.

Simple Strategies for Facebook Advertising

Facebook users are not going to search for a term like “Where to buy cages for birds”. So it is important to first grab their attention and convert them as a potential lead, by collecting Togel4D information.

The First Step = Get the users to click your ad, it should be designed well enough to catch their attention. You have to practice, rework, research, and create an ad that grabs the user’s attention long enough to click on the ad.

The Second Step = Getting people to act.

The website that you send them to when they click on your ad is a super important component. You have to decide what kind of action you want them to take when they land there. Here I would say you can create a good facebook fan page and then redirect them there, as people need not leave the facebook interface so conversion will be high. T

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Here you can collect their information and email for further communicating with them.

The Third Step = Following Up.

You now have the lead, follow up with them. Never force your products, if you products are worthy enough then they will sell by themselves, all you need to do is remind them.

There is no end, you can keep coming out with new and innovative strategies.