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See Akitek Tenggara's entry - "Vertical Parks for High Rise Living" - for the Duxton Plain Public Housing International Architectural Design Competition organised by the URA on behalf of MND.

"...The simplicity and legibility of the plan form stems from this decision. The centrality of the plan arrangements led to the arrangement of the ward blocks in relationship to the core, allowing each a separate identity. The proximity of the children's and women's ward blocks permitted a series of sky bridges to span between the blocks, adding functional connectivity for hospital personnel..."

"...The fact that the arts centre project is able to arouse controversies shows that it touches nerves in a way which other projects do not seem to do. This project, therefore, could possess the unique ability to stimulate self-awareness. The project focusses on the dilemma of being Asian and Modern at the same time and, because it is to be actually built, it is bound to take on an air of urgency...."




"....As design moves towards biology and the organic, the metaphors will necessarily also change. Tectonic aesthetics will shift towards process while form and space flows into modulated transformations. The penchant for planar or geometric surfaces are beginning to shift towards variegated free forms and their transformations......" "...Much time was invested in understanding the client's needs before even a single conceptual sketch was executed. Presented with a spacious 3402 sqm site in a quiet neighbouorhood near the city centre, it eventually became apparent that the house would be a collection of buildings set within a walled tropical garden. From the outset, the clients were intrigued by the possibility of planted flat roofs in response to the site's agricultural origins....."
"...The smallness of Singapore and especially its "market" are often viewed as impediments to the development of innovative design. The common wisdom,as such, is that risk-management is an imperative, functional rationality is best conceptual tool, and pragmatism is the best assessment yardstick. In sum, what had been radical once have now devolved to conservatism because of the phobia of failures...."


Proposed Up-grading of the Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh General Hospital, Meulaboh, Aceh Barat, Indonesia

The project will involve the phase by phase demolition of existing structures and the rebuilding of new departments in the Meulaboh General Hospital, which was hit by the tsunami in December 2004. Currently, the hospital serves the West Aceh province, its existing facilities are inadequate to meet the needs of the community.

Pre-Qualification To Tender

Contractors registered with BCA (Grade B2 and above), with tie-up arrangements with Medan contractors, are invited to apply for PRE-QUALIFICATION TO TENDER for the Project. Tenders are scheduled to be invited by mid June 2006. The Form of Contract shall be the SIA Conditions of Contract (with quantities).

Pre-qualification registration forms can be downloaded HERE.

The completed application forms are to be returned to Akitek Tenggaras office on or before 12.00noon on 9th June 2006 in a sealed envelope marked PRE-QUALIFICATION TO TENDER.

The Employer reserves the right to accept or reject any of the applications and in no case will any expenses incurred by the Contractor in the preparation of the pre-qualification application be reimbursed.

Selected contractors will be informed by post when tenders are invited.


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